CGPN 2023 Speakers

  • Rich Corbridge

    Chief Digital Information Officer
    Department for Work and Pensions

  • Fiona James

    Chief Data Officer

  • Steven O Donoghue

    Director Corporate Services
    Trade Remedies Authority

  • Angela van der Lem

    Director of Finance, Defence Digital
    Ministry of Defence

  • Ed Humpherson

    Director General
    Office for Statistics Regulation

  • Tom Lowe

    Head of PR and Communications and Author of the National Delivery Plan
    The Digital Poverty Alliance & Learning Foundation

  • Dan Cook

    Interim CIO and MD
    House of Commons

  • Caitlin Pollard

    Senior Commercial Category Manager
    Driver, Vehicle Standards Agency

  • Tina Churcher

    Head of Digital Services
    Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

  • Martyn Taylor

    Chief Commercial Officer
    Building Digital UK, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

  • Michelle Kearns

    Head of IT
    Boots Ireland

  • Maria McCann

    Director of Identity Management Services

  • Joe Hardstaff

    Chief Information & Technology Officer
    Financial Reporting Council

  • Libby Kurien

    Programme Director – Transforming Digital
    House of Commons

  • Jayen Parmar

    Deputy Head of Digital, Data and Technology
    College of Policing

  • Emma Rourke

    Director General (Health, Population and Methods)
    Office for National Statistics

  • Jo Horton

    Head of Customer Services
    Health and Safety Executive

  • Charles Oakley

    Head of Strategic Partnership
    Health and Safety Executive

  • Vicki Webb

    Deputy Director for Change Implementation
    Department for Business and Trade

  • Mandy Oliver

    Change Management Lead
    Department for Business and Trade

  • Rav Cheema

    Senior Associate

  • David Essex

    Deputy Director of People, Process and Technology