Supporting collaboration & innovation in central government

Interactive discussion tailored for senior leaders and public officials in central government departments, business leaders, not for profits and transformational suppliers to connect, collaborate and learn around transformation and innovation


The Public Sector and Central Government Departments are more complex and wide-reaching than ever before. Against the backdrop of an economic downturn and the implications of Brexit, there is no company on earth – even the largest of multinationals – which comes close to having to co-ordinate the array of essential services and functions for millions of people that a modern government provides. 


Government leaders are now recognising that navigating a world of discontinuity necessitates coming together. The massive scale and complexity of big challenges, such as the tightening economy, a post-pandemic healthcare recovery, cybercrime, and climate change, are beyond any single agency’s ability to address. 


This year we shall be putting collaboration and digital equity at the heart of the agenda, between different agencies of government – a whole-of-government approach. For this reason, CGPN exists to bring together public officials, business leaders, and nonprofits are nurturing collaborative public-private ecosystems to take advantage of shared knowledge and unique strengths to drive change through digital transformation.